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During our journey, we had the chance to talk to many health professionals. As part of their services, they recommend specific tools to their patients and clients. Since these customers are already paying for healthcare services, we are offering up to 30% off the retail price when they come through you for their purchases.

Client testimonial

Having had an episiotomy at my first delivery, I was still experiencing intravaginal pain after 1 month. I wanted to find a normal sexuality, but with the pain it was not possible. Kaolii's internal massager perfectly met my need for perineal rehabilitation. In addition to relieving, it allowed me to find and understand my body again. Which gave me confidence to resume sexuality as a couple.


P.T. Testimonial

As a perineal rehabilitation physiotherapist, I greatly appreciate the Kaolii internal massager as a tool for muscle stretching and myofascial mobilization for the pelvic floor. The curved shape and firmness of Kaolii's internal massager allows for optimal stretching of the levator ani compared to a standard elongated vaginal dilator.
In addition, I can use it to treat points triggers in the deep muscles of the pelvic floor, but the firmness and rounded tip of Kaolii's internal massager also gives patients the possibility of doing it by themselves in comfort.

- Stéphanie Bernard
Physiotherapist specializing in pelvic health

P.T. Testimonial

As a physiotherapist in perineal rehabilitation, I was looking for a standard size dilator that also allows muscle stretching and myofascial mobilizations that are more difficult to achieve because of the shape of the pelvic floor. The discovery of Kaolii's internal massager met my needs. In addition, as it is very easy to use and maintain, I now know which product to refer to my patients with pelvic floor problems!

- My Ngo-Le pt/pht B. Sc., M. Sc.
Physiotherapist specializing in pelvic health

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