Who we are

Kaolii is a Montreal-based company that specializes in the conception and creation of pelvic and perineal health tools made of porcelain and inspired by the best health practices.

After woking for 6 years in the erotic industry with our first company Désirables, we decided to launch a sister company in the field of pelvic health. After talking to many health professionals we realized that our internal massager was a product perfectly suited for pelvic and perineal rehabilitation.

Our mission

Kaolii is committed to provide socially and environmentally responsible pelvic health tools inspired from the best practices of healthcare professionals and made from materials that are body-safe.

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Where does the name Kaolii come from?

[Ka;o;li] [Ka;o;li] comes from the French word KAOLIN, one of the main components that differentiate porcelain from other types of ceramic.

A Word From our Founder

When I first launched Désirables in 2013, it was suggested to me that I should bring my products to the field of pelvic health.

But because I only had a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design, I did not feel like I had enough experience and knowledge to pursue this path – I must admit, I had a bit of the imposter syndrome!

That being said, as soon as our products were starting to be noticed by the consumers, we received many requests from pelvic health professionals and soon to be/new moms asking questions about our massager regarding the possible ways to use it.

As I learned more on the subject, it became clear to me that most women who need this type of product are in pain and don’t think about restoring their sex life. They just want to be able to live their life painlessly. That’s why we created a completely separate brand from Désirables that offers information and support on pelvic health rather than sexual wellness.

To me, Kaolii is a way of offering high quality products, made with care and love, that are body-safe and that align with the best practices of healthcare professionals. We believe they have the potential to change the lives of our clients for the better.

My personal experience

Hypertonia, maternity & pelvic health

In March 2019, I started having several problems: inability to sit still for short periods of time, lower back pain, muscle cramps in the pelvis. After consulting a pelvic health physiotherapist, the verdict was in: hypertonia (overactive pelvic floor). Following my rehabilitation, it became clear that our products had their place in the therapeutic field.

As Kaolii was being launched, I became pregnant for the first time. During my 3rd trimester, the internal massager was an essential tool for my perineal massages to prepare my body for childbirth. Although this exercise is doable without tools, I couldn’t perform the massages alone and I was not comfortable with the idea of ​​my partner massaging my perineum.

Our product, which initially targeted perineal physiotherapy treatments, then positioned itself as a product that could help in multiple pelvic floor’s manipulations, treatments and exercises.

For me, it is essential as an entrepreneur to offer a product that can really help our customers. I humbly believe that my personal experience, combined with the advice of medical professionals, is an asset for the development of our products.

Isabelle Deslauriers, Founder & CEO

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