Say to Pain

You are not the only one living with pelvic pain.

Almost one in five women will live with pelvic pain in her lifetime. 32% of these women will have to adapt their daily life to the pain, because it will be too severe.

Don’t wait for your life to come to a halt, treat your pain today with our internal massage tool.

Porcelain's Benefits

Because you deserve the best


Made from biocompatible porcelain without dye or dye. Hybrid between natural stone and glass.

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Soft & Smooth

The surface is soft to the touch, so the internal massager is ideal for patients with hypersensitivity.

Highly Resistant

The composition of porcelain makes it extremely resistant to pressure. No danger of the product breaking during use.

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Unlike some plastic products, porcelain allows the use of all types of lubricants, whether water-based or silicone-based.

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Easy to Clean

Wash with mild fragrance-free soap or use your menstrual cup cleanser.

Phatalates free body safe

Body Safe

Limoges porcelain is a plastic-free, BPA-free, non-porous material that does not degrade with use.


Thermally Conductive

Can be warmed up to relax muscles or cool down to decrease pain.

5 Year Warranty

Each internal massager is handcrafted in Quebec, which allows us to obtain the best possible quality while reducing the impact of transport.

Client Testimonial
I had an episiotomy at my first delivery, I was still experiencing intravaginal pain after 1 month. I wanted my sexuality to get back to normal, but with the pain it was not possible. Kaolii's internal massager perfectly met my need for perineal rehabilitation. In addition to relieving, it allowed me to find and understand my body again. Which gave me the confidence I needed to resume my sexual life with my partner.

Marie-Ève ​​
Professional P.T.
As a physiotherapist in perineal rehabilitation, I greatly appreciate Kaolii's internal massager as a muscle stretching and myofascial mobilization tool for the pelvic floor. The curved shape and firmness of the Kaolii internal massager allows for optimal stretching of the levator ani, compared to a standard elongated vaginal dilator.
Additionally, I can use it to treat stitches triggers in the deeper muscles of the pelvic floor, but the firmness and rounded tip of Kaolii's internal massager also allow patients to do it comfortably on their own.

- Stéphanie Bernard
Physiotherapist specializing in pelvic health
Professional P.T.
As a physiotherapist in perineal rehabilitation, I was looking for a standard size dilator that also allows muscle stretching and myofascial mobilization to be carried out, which is more difficult to achieve because of the shape of the pelvic floor. Finding Kaolii's internal massager met my needs. In addition, since it is very easy to use and maintain, I now know which product to refer to my patients with pelvic floor problems!

- My Ngo-Le pt / pht B. Sc., M. Sc.
Physiotherapist specializing in pelvic health
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Best of two worlds

Designed for Internal Massage

Thanks to its ergonomic angle and its round, tapered tip, our rehabilitation tool is perfect for massaging the internal walls and reducing pain.


Designed for Training

With its rounded tip and scalable shape, our internal massager is perfect for "kegel" type strengthening exercises.

Perfect for perineal rehabilitation in women

Trigger point release

Profiled tip for increased precision.

Intra vaginal massages

Rounded tip and ergonomic angle to reach difficult areas.

Strengthening exercises

Can be used for pelvic floor strengthening exercises


Each internal massager comes with a 5 year warranty when purchased

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Program for pelvic health professionals

We offer up to 25% discount for pelvic and perineal health professionals.

Contact us to have access to exclusive discounts for your customers.

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